Welcome To Old North State Paranormal!
What We Do

We investigate sites that are assumed to have paranormal activity.We do not use Ouija boards or dowsing rods. These items make it easy for an entity to attach itself to a living human. We use K2 Meters, EMF Detectors, Digital Voice Recorders, Motion Detectors , Spirit box, Ovilus X,Mel Meter, Infrared cameras,and Digital cameras to confirm or debunk paranormal activity.


New Investigations

We are accepting new investigations. Please contact us if you need help.

Forgotten Places

We are also Urban Explorers.We do not go anywhere that we think may be dangerous or illegal. We do this to show the past and hope people love and respect these places as much as we do.

Please use the Contact page to request an investigation.

Please use the Contact tab if you would like to request an investigation or you can access our Facebook page. Thank you!